Victory Marketing Agency is a fast growing experiential agency that specializes in promotional marketing and event staffing for businesses of all sizes. They help brands create fun and memorable experiences for consumers at live events and trade shows.

We asked Victory’s President and Founder, Vinny Antonio, to answer 4 questions to teach us about Victory Marketing Agency and promotional staffing.

1. Why should companies outsource their promotional staff?

Not everyone within an organization has the ability or desire to interact with consumers in a very personal setting. Our teams are specially trained in how to start that conversation and create a very sticky experience. Utilizing promotional staff allows for your internal team to focus on their role.  It takes a very unique person to WANT to stand out at a State Fair for 14 hours a day and pass out samples of a product. It takes an even more unique person to do that while smiling and conveying brand messaging the way it was meant to be delivered. Those are our people.

2. How does the pricing compare with an organization using their own internal team to staff an event?

Contrary to what most people think, hiring promotional staff can be much more cost effective than sending your internal team to an event. In most cases you will want at least one person from either our agency or your company to be present to oversee the activation, pump up the team, and have the next level of conversation with potential customers. The “closer” if you will.  But for each person that a company sends to an event for a week, you can estimate $2,000 to get them there, put them up, feed them, and provide transportation. Not to mention the productivity lost while they’re out of the office. A local, well trained Brand Ambassador will run you about half of that.

3. Are your customers happy with the service?

We are extremely proud that the vast majority of our new customers are driven in from good, old fashioned word of mouth. That has been our cornerstone and driving force over the last decade.  Customers tell me all the time that not only did our promotional staff provide them with more leads and sales but also peace of mind. We take the guess work out of what is going to happen. Team Victory will train the promotional staff and have them share the same values, beliefs, and goals as the company they are representing. I can’t say we have never lost a client but our retention rate is right around 98%.

4. Can promotional staff really communicate a brand’s messaging as well as a company’s internal employees?

At Victory we don’t just want to churn out the same staff for every project that we provide promotional staff for. Our goal is to find true Brand Ambassadors — Promotional staff who live the values of the company they are representing. They will be champions for your product or service because they are not only familiar with it, but love it. Of course we will implement our top notch training including our standards and practices for behavior at an event.